Marketing & branding of luxury products – fine wines, perfume, gastronomy

Stephen Liney consulting specializes in the following areas:

Tourism – food & wine tourism development and marketing strategies, sustainable tourism, event management

Wine – Product & estate sourcing, export, wine investment, wine tourism – Burgundy, Beaujolais, Côtes du Rhone, Champagne & Provence regions.

Food – Contributor to, Flavors & Fragrance consultant for UESS (University of Flavors & Fragrances), Cuisine des Fleurs

Investment – wine investors mutual fund for people wishing to invest in Burgundy wine estates. Bidding at Hospices de Beaune fine wine auction, investing in wine futures.

Training & Recruitment – lecturer in international wines sales and specialist in wine tourism, Internship Candidates

Perfumes & Cosmetics – Brand identity & development in an international market

Social Media Marketing – communication and brand development

If your company is looking to start or improve your business in France,  or if you’re a French company wishing to develop in international markets or if you would like us to apply our creativity and experience to your business in your country, Stephen Liney will assist you in making a success of your business.

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One Response to Marketing & branding of luxury products – fine wines, perfume, gastronomy

  1. Richard carlino says:

    Had an amazing time yesterday, a terrific tour. I had a great time and felt I learned a lot. Thank you, Krysten and I are truly appreciative of our experience.

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