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Aromas & Fragrances (1/2 day)


Place:            The Villa Habanita next to the Molinard Perfumery and the restaurant “La Bastide Saint-Antoine” de Jacques Chibois.

Welcome:       Reservation only, minimum 2 people, maximum 22 people.

Duration:        The morning:  perfume initiation course at Molinard. The perfumery gives you the opportunity to create your own perfume with an initiation course at the “Tarinology” Workshop. Each “Trainee Perfumer” leaves with a diploma and their own Perfume, (produced in 50ml) and which can be re-ordered at any moment. (Molinard keeps each formula secret).

Guided Tour of the Molinard Perfumery, showing each different stage of the fabrication process, as well as a collection of ancient scent bottles signed by the most famous « Master Glass Makers » such as Lalique or Baccarat

At the end of the morning, lunch at Jacques Chibois’ restaurant, la Bastide Saint-Antoine. This ancient 17th century manor is located in the heart of a magnificent olive orchard. Jacques Chibois has renovated it with a lot of affection, keeping its Provencal authenticity. In    a discreetly luxurious atmosphere, Jacques Chibois suggests two options:

The « Déjeuner de la Bastide » A lunch menu consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert (excluding drinks). Drinks option available on request.

The « Repas Gourmand » A menu specially created for you and where Perfume fragrances are reproduced in a dish inspired by the essences used earlier in the morning during the workshop, such as thyme, rosemary, basil, lavender and signed by the master himself – Jacques Chibois.

A little extra option:

Offer yourself the pleasure of a wine tasting lesson during your meal!

From Provencal cooking to the composition of a perfume, there’s just one step. It’s from this innovative idea that the perfumer Molinard and Jacques Chibois have put together a savoury and scented half-day workshop destined to help you discover the aromas and fragrances of Provence.

Valid:  All year subject to availability, except weekends and public holidays















« The Provencal market of fragrances and flavours »

(1/2 day)



Place:            The Molinard Perfumery and Espace Terroirs in Grasse.

Welcome:      Reservation only, 48 hours notice and 8 people minimum.

Program:       Morning: meet at the Molinard Perfumery for a guided tour presenting the different stages in the fabrication of a perfume: raw materials, distillation, enfleurage, the « Nose’s » work, etc.

Leave the Perfumery for a tasting of Provencal Products in Grasse. Welcome at Espace Terroirs in country setting. Discover the Perfume and Aromatic plants whilst walking along a pathway leading through the scents and flavours of Provence.

Introduction to several different floral species with explanations from an agronomist.

Then you get to taste a selection of typically Provencal food products on a sheltered terrace. Discover the origins and the fabrication process of the different products tasted.

Visit the shop with its ochre walls and oak timber roof where honeys and flower syrups from Grasse co-habit with wines and Liquors from Provence and the hinterland as well as different types of olive oil and local craft objects.


Possible themes adapted to the four seasons:

Winter: olive oil, sweets and biscuits, nougat, mimosa, aperitifs and jams, truffles.

Spring: the rose, the geranium, jams and red fruit liquors, basil.

Summer: Lavender, jasmine, genepi and hyssop, melon, crystallized small vegetables.

Autumn: Chestnuts, mushrooms, Provencal wine, game animals, figs.

End of morning: end of the visit and tasting.

Valid:       All year, depending on availabilities, except week-ends and public holidays

Option throughout the year: Bouquet garni de Provence – make your own composition

Discover different Provencal herbs (thyme, sarriette, rosemary, bay leaves…) and their different uses. Make a bouquet garni from the fragrance garden which you can take away with you at the end of the visit.

Price: 4 € per person


Culinary suggestion: Le délice à la rose centifolia de Grasse (dessert)

Place two scoops of Vanilla- Bourbon ice-cream in a bowl. Cover with rose centifolia syrup from Grasse. Cover with light Chantilly cream on which you place a few crystallized rose petals.