Ningxia Helan Winery, China


200 hectares of vineyards, no winery.

Owner wishes to create a winery, make the wine (and not just sell the grapes) and sell the concept as a real-estate package, either with 4 luxury villas or with a hotel complex.


Climatic extremes

Unadapted grape varietals

Unqualified staff

No winery


Use an established winery building company – Amos Faupin – to work with the architect and buid the winery.

Use an experienced international Oenogolgist – Jean-Michel Novelle – to study the terroir and grape varietals and two work on training the Chinese staff and helping to make the first two vintages.

Real-estate concepts:

  • Eco-lodge – environmentally sustainable, organic wine culture
  • Luxury hotel & spa – vinotherapy
  • Villa complex with open winery for tourism
  • Pole of wine excellence – show casing chinese winemaking with help from international wine specialist (wine/grape ambassadors)


Winery to be built early 2016 by Amos Faupin (Burgundy based, but with experience in china having already built 4 wineries and with a chinese member of staff)

Oenologist to survey wine making for two harvests and train the local staff to continue the work.

The villa concept is the first choice so far, but with a winery open for visits by tourists.