Vosne Tasting Club – Burgundy



VOSNE-ROMANEE, FRANCE, 20 FEB 2020 – Created in 2019 by Burgundy wine professionals Xavier Lacaze and Stephen Liney, the Vosne Tasting Club is an innovative concept offering expertise, access, and exclusivity to Burgundy wine lovers.

Ideally located in the heart of the illustrious Pinot Noir village of Vosne Romanée, Vosne Tasting Club proposes curated wine experiences, from simple tastings to multi-day wine tours, aimed at revealing the hidden treasures of Burgundy wine. The Club features fine wines from both iconic estates and lesser known village appellations, and also focuses on young winemakers who are shaping the future of Burgundy.

Housed in the 16th-century Maison Romane, home to the oldest wine cellars in the village, the Vosne Tasting Club combines the traditional charm of a Burgundian home with the exclusivity of a private club. This unique setting provides the perfect atmosphere for exploring the complexities of Burgundy wines in a relaxed and intimate ambience. With facilities including two cellars and a lounge, Vosne Tasting Club offers tasting experiences on a pre-booked basis for couples or small groups, while the Club’s summer garden provides a unique private venue for small group events.

EXPERTISE | Vosne Tasting Club’s team of Burgundy wine specialists provides an insider approach to understanding the secrets of the famous terroir, sharing their collective knowledge of winemaking techniques along with anecdotes from winemakers and suggestions of current Club favorites.

ACCESS | While the demand for bespoke wine tourism activities has increased in recent years, access to many reputed estates is often restricted to professional buyers. By developing and nurturing strong relationships with these winemakers, Vosne Tasting Club is able to access their estates and procure many exceptional—and often rare—Burgundy wines.  Members of the Club benefit, in turn, from private vineyard visits and opportunities to meet and greet winemakers normally inaccessible to the general public.


EXCLUSIVITY | In addition to gaining access to exclusive vineyards, Vosne Tasting Club members enjoy numerous other advantages, including opportunities to purchase wine at preferred prices. Clients who purchase a Vosne Wine Club tasting experience automatically become entry level members of the Club.

ABOUT XAVIER | Founder and sole proprietor of the Vosne Tasting Club, Xavier Lacaze abandoned a career in computer engineering to follow his passion for Burgundy wine. His initiation into the complexities of Burgundy terroir and introduction to many estate owners led him to set up his own wine distribution company, DWS, in 2007.  He pursed this interest at the prestigious Institut Jules Guyon in Dijon, obtaining his certification in Pratique de la dégustation par la connaissance des terroirs (the art of wine tasting through knowledge of the terroirs) and Technicien en Œnologie (wine technician). Through the Vosne Tasting Club, Xavier aims to share his passion and expertise—along with his wine discoveries and favorites—with equally passionate wine lovers from around the world.

ABOUT STEPHEN | As Xavier’s partner in the Vosne Tasting Club, Stephen Liney brings both a background in Business & Event Management and his own passion for Burgundy wine. After working in hospitality management in Saint Tropez and subsequently as Tourism Director of the Molinard perfume house in Grasse (the “perfume capital of the world”), Stephen transitioned his business and olfactory skills to the wine industry. At Château de Berne in Provence, he was responsible for wine brand management and tourism development, traveling extensively to the southern hemisphere to discover its wine tourism sector. After 20 years living in France with his French family, Stephen set up his own tourism development agency in Burgundy. He has a consummate knowledge of Burgundy, from its wine history to the secrets of the terroir, as well as long-standing friendships with the winemakers. A part-time lecturer at various Burgundy business schools, Stephen’s true passion is to initiate wine-lovers—from novices to wine makers—into the world of Burgundy wine.

For additional information about the Vosne Tasting Club tastings, tours, and memberships, please contact Stephen Liney.

Vosne Tasting Club
2, rue Sainte Barbe, 21700 Vosne-Romanée
Telephone: +33 (0)3 80 43 94 79
Website: www.vosnetastingclub.com
Opening times: Monday-Sunday from 10 am to 7pm (bookings only)