A new VIP tasting venue in Vosne Romanee, Burgundy

DRC cross & vineyard

At last Burgundy is going to have a true tasting venue, set in the prestigious wine village of Vosne Romanee, in the heart of Burgundy’s Pinot Noir region!

The concept is unique as this is probably THE only tasting venue in Burgundy (or even beyond) where you get to taste some of Burgundy’s best wines from the top estates.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to reunite the “who’s who” of Burgundy wine makers and to showcase (and sell) their wines. It’s a well known fact that Burgundy is so very different from other wine regions in France and around the world in that hit has many small estates with an equally small production, so you have that inevitable supply and demande problem. To complicate matters more, the majority of these estates don’t open to the public (they don’t have the time or the staff…)

The Vosne Tasting Club provides special themed tastings of famous “iconic estates” to the lesser-known but very good estates that may just have been “off” your radar!

It’s not just about the unique opportunity of tasting Leroy, Leflaive or other supser star estates, but also about discovering the depth and quality as well as the great value of many Burgundy wines.

To add to this, the venue is quite special too. Niched in the oldest buiding in Vosne Romanee – la maison Romane – which dates back to the 16th century.

It has been transformed into a beautiful tasting venue, hosting a cosy “club lounge” style tasting room on the ground floor, with sofas, armchairs and fireplace and two “cellar” tasting rooms in the basement.

Each tasting room can accommodate 8 -10 people for tasting. There is also a walled garden, for private events during the spring or summer.

The Vosne Tasting Club is also, as its name suggests, a wine club. Membership is free when you visit the tasting venue but also if you buy wines from our (soon-to-be) online shop.

The official opening date is March 1st 2019. But you can keep up with the latest news on this blog…

Villa Romane Vosne Tasting Club


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