Invest in Chablis vineyards

We are currently looking for investors to purchase 1er cru (first growth) or village appellation vineyards in Chablis.

So what do you know about the “real” Chablis?

It’s probably the world’s most distinctive “chardonnay”. Often copied, never equaled… It’s tense, has bite, is steely, fruity, mineral, sometimes a little earthy, often crisp and is of course “un-oaked” or at least generally.

For the ABC’s from the States, it has a certain “zingy” side, fresh and often likened to seashells, with a stony, salty salinity…

By the way, Chablis is now (finally!) a protected name and cannot be used around the world, often to signify “cheap” white wine in California or in the Southern Hemisphere. It isn’t cheap in France, but often considered great value-for-money, especially if compared to Meursault or Puligny Montrachet from further south in Burgundy.  It is often drunk when young but can age particularly well and enjoyed when 10 years old or more…

It’s history goes back many hundreds of years. the Emperor Charlemagne gave land to the Benedictine monks in the 9th century with strict orders to make “fine” wine…Chablis has suffered extreme weather conditions, several wars and the Phylloxera, but is still up and fighting. Reduced vineyard surfaces improved quality from the 1950’s onward and now the overall quality has never been higher…

So what’s for sale?

Well, some prime first growth and village vineyards that belong to one of the oldest and most famous individual Chablis wine families.

Why are they selling?

For different reasons, but generally to raise some more capital for expansion.

What’s the price?

Contact me to find out. Let’s just say that the price is under the current market rate, so this could be a great investment opportunity?

So what’s the price range???

Starting at 175.000€ per hectare (1 ha =2.5 acres) for some excellent Chablis, up 350.000€ for the first growth.

What returns should I expect??

This is a long-term investment in land…nevertheless the prices of the vineyards in Burgundy and in particular keep rising. It is a very safe investment. Expect to see 25% returns after 10 years…