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LOOKING FOR INVESTORS – AOC 1er Cru & Chablis vineyards


About 110 miles southeast of Paris, at the northern tip of the Burgundy wine region France lays Chablis.  Chablis is the name of a village that has given its name to a region producing some of the best white wines in the world.  The region of Chablis encompasses 19 towns and is about twenty by fifteen kilometres in size.  In France, by law, wines are named after the place where they are fashioned and not the grape varietal.  The wine producers of Chablis have spent hundreds of years determining which grapes produce the best wines for their soils and the answer:  crisp, mineral-driven wines made from the Chardonnay grape.

There are 4 levels of wine in Chablis: Petit Chablis, Chablis Village, 1 er Cru & Grand Cru.

Chablis village.  These tend to be from south facing areas low down on the hillsides or middle hillside vineyard.  Some are on the famous Kimmeridgian chalky soils.  These wines are very interesting and show some of the classic Chablis profiles.  There are approximately 11,000 acres under vine for this area.

Premier Cru vineyards cover about 1900 acres distributed among 40 vineyards.  These are located on either side of the Serein River and most face either southwest or southeast.  Some of the best quality-to-price wines are found in this classification.  Although not inexpensive, these wines have wonderful concentrated mineral and fruit qualities.  The wines are meant to age and while they can be delicious young, they are best at five to ten years from vintage.  Some of the more famous vineyard sites include: Vau de Vey, Les Fourchaumes, La Montèe de Tonnerre, Le Mont de Milieu, Les Montmains, and Les Vaillons. These wines normally reach their peak from 5 to 10 years old.



Excellent vineyards currently owned and run by an established Chablis family

BEINE town – AOC 1er Cru:

  • Vineyard surface area : 1 ha 07 a 51 ca

BEINE town – AOC Chablis:

  • Vineyard surface area : 4 ha 68 a 33 ca
  • Vineyard surface area : 0 ha 21 a 90 ca
  • Vineyard surface area : 0 ha 82 a 44 ca

CHABLIS town – AOC Chablis :

  • Vineyard surface area : 0 ha 88 a 20 ca
  • Vineyard surface area : 0 ha 42 a 89 ca

CHICHEE town – AOC Chablis

  • Vineyard surface area : 0 ha 20 a 12 ca


  • Vineyard surface area : 0 ha 58 a 36 ca
  • Vineyard surface area : 0 ha 20 a 00 ca

RENTAL SITUATION:               

Occupied – current owners wish to sell these vineyard but remain the farmers.

 Rental lease – 30 years

AOC 1er cru at 10 hl/ha* (in 2014 hl price was 518€ = 5180€ / year rent

AOC Chablis at 10 hl/ha (in 2014 hl price was 391€ = 3910€ / year rent



AOC 1er Cru: 330 600€/ha + 5% fees BBI***. (without notary fees)

AOC Chablis: 160 900€/ha + 5% fees BBI. (without notary fees)

The notary fees are exempt from registration duties and stamps from the Public Tresory. No registration fees as this is a SAFER retrocession.

Example for 200 000€ spent, Notary fees are about 4000€

Establish a farm rental of 30 years to the SCEA who are the current owners of the vineyards.


Despite Burgundy being considered as the most expensive vineyard real estate in the world, there are still some very interesting acquisitions to be made, especially in the Chablis region. The value of the land still increases between 3% and 5% per year and is not slowing down. This would be considered as a “long-term” investment in Chablis 1er Cru or Village appellations in prime Chablis vineyards and run by one of the most famous and respected family estates in Chablis.


For further information, please contact:

Stephen LINEY at BBI Ltd on: +33 (0)

Or by email:

Hl/ha* = hectolitres/hectare (1 hectare = 2.5 acres)

SAFER** Les Sociétés d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Etablissement Rural, created in France by agricultural law in 1960, have peremptory rights on agricultural land, their main responsibility being to preserve agricultural land according to certain criteria.

***BBI = Burgundy Beyond Investments Ltd


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